Coastal Traveller Crossbody Bag - Pacific Formline by Paul Windsor

  • $53.95

Available in a traditional grey, black, and red or vibrant purple and teal, this Native Apparel Crossbody Bag features Pacific Formline by Haisla, Heiltsuk artist, Paul Windsor.

Available in two colours. Matching organizer clutch and wallet available.

Also available in Feather by Simone Diamond.

    About the Coastal Traveller Crossbody Bag

    Made for day trips, weekend adventures, and around town, our spacious and expandable cross-body bags are always up for the challenge with their durable construction and easy-access pockets.

    • Expandable using the side zippers
    • 10.25" x 9.25" with an adjustable strap
    • Water resistant, 100% polyester