3 Ways to Place an Order

Quick Order

Easy for those who know the item codes

Category View

Pick from a variety of options


The quickest way to restock
Click Quick Order in the top menu bar to the left of your nameHover over the top menu bar with each product category title (ie. Fashion)Click on Purchase History either on the top right when you're in My Account, or by hovering over your name on the top right corner and clicking on Purchase History on the left side
On this page, enter the item code and select the item that pops upSelect the name of the subcategory under each category (ie SCARVES or SHAWLS)Select a previous order by clicking on the red purchase no. (ie. SO036383)
Enter the quantity needed and click ADD ITEMFrom here, you can view a variety of the items you are interested inThe quickest option is to click REORDER ALL ITEMS on the right-hand side, but you can also click the REORDER button below each individual item on the order
Complete this step for each item you would like to addAdjust each quantity to your liking and click ADD TO CART 
 Complete this step for each item you would like to add 
When you are satisfied with your order and are ready to check out, click the shopping cart button in the top right corner. From here, you can select "VIEW CART" or "CHECKOUT"
Double check that all your information (shipping, billing, payment, items) is correct and then select your payment method from the dropdown menu beneath "Payment Method"
Finalize the placement of your order by clicking the "PLACE ORDER" button. Your order will now be processed