Nalaga (Avis) O'Brien

"Physically, emotionally and spiritually I dedicate my days to ensuring that my culture is preserved.

Due to colonization, residential schools  and assimilation , the  Cultural knowledge and tradition was lost for the women in my family for 4 generations. I grew up disconnected from my culture and carried a lot of shame for who i was and where I came from. I had no desire to take part in my culture.

5 years ago my sister brought the  cultural knowledge of weaving back into my family and shared this knowledge with me. I felt my spirit come alive. it was as though my ancestors had been waiting for me to start practicing this art form. This was the beginning of my journey out of shame and into empowerment, excitement and pride for who I am and where I come from. Each step on my path of learning our traditional art form offers clarity on my place in my culture and our place in the world. My culture has many gifts to share." 

–Avis O'Brien