Every Child Matters!

Posted by Larry Garfinkel on

Orange Shirt Day is on September 30 to honour the children who survived the Indian Residential Schools (IRS) as well as remember those who didn't.
We must remember and acknowledge our shared past in order to not repeat it and walk forward.

This shirt is available on Friday, September 27th. If you live in Vancouver or the surrounding area, you can pre-order your shirt(s) by email at sales@nativenorthwest.com and pick them up at our office on Friday. This is the only way we can guarantee you will have your shirt in time for September 30th. If you're not in the Vancouver area, you can buy your shirt here,
but you will not receive it in time for Orange Shirt Day on September 30th.
Proceeds will go to Indian Residential School Survivors Society.
Design by Haida artist Kwiaahwah Jones.

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