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High quality stainless steel interior with eco-friendy bamboo fibre exterior and wrap around design.

Bamboo Travel Mugs

Great for potted plants, or a beautiful organizer for your stationery, utensils, and art supplies.

Enamel Pots

Indigenous totem charms and semi-precious stones. Lava rocks for your favourite essential oil.

Healing Bracelets

Native Northwest’s story began 35 years ago with a social worker, a rack of postcards in a basement, and the vision of celebrating First Nations and Native American arts with the world.
We are inspired by the living cultures of the Pacific Northwest. Our company office is honoured to be situated on the majestic Fraser River within Musqueam (Coast Salish) territory, in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.
The values behind our brand originate with the founding reason for the company: Native arts and cultures, designed by Indigenous artists, propelled by commerce for a social purpose.
Each of our exchanges, from the sourcing and compensation of Indigenous artists, to our staff and merchants, are part of a lifelong relationship between Indigenous cultures and the communities we pledge to honour and respect.